Frank Shaw · 30 June 2019


Bayonet brand for tacks, first registered in 1908, originally found fame in the ‘trimming shops’ of motor and carriage manufactures. Requested for their clean condition and no waste in a box policy. The brand has been carried on for today’s range of cut tacks, drawing pins and masonry nails.

Challenge brand also introduced in the early 1900’s covers a wide range of small nails for all kinds of trades. In the early days of DIY, Panel Pins, Hardboard Pins and Moulding Pins were introduced to the range in the convenient take home boxes which were the forerunners of what we are all use today: pre-packs.

'X' brand is the mark placed on Picture Hooks patented around 1904, and originally made by Ramon Long & Co in Central Street, Islington, London. The brand 'X' is carried on today and stands for a quality and well made traditional product. The picture hook is a simple and enduring design.