Reliable and Rust Resistant! Copper Tacks - worth every penny.

What are Copper Tacks?

Copper Tacks are the unsung heroes of the trug-making, upholstery, woodworking and boating worlds. Depended upon for hundreds of years for their rust-resistant properties, Copper tacks have a flat head, tapered body, sharp point and angular cut shank which creates a very strong fastening that resists pull-out. Once dampened, a green patina forms on the copper that prevents further corrosion. 

Where have I seen them used?

One of the most beautiful items traditionally created with Copper Tacks is the gardening trug - a classic craft that creates something that is useful in so many situations! They have remained popular over the last century despite the influx of plastic alternatives - a true testimony to an iconic product. 

Why are they so popular?

Not only are they strong and practical in such a variety of settings, they are also very easy on the eye! Use of Copper Tacks creates a heritage, handcrafted effect that gives your finished project the quality finish that it deserves. 

Like to see some? Order today or request samples! 

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